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Guruvayur - Athirapally Tour

Guruvayur - Athirapally Day Tour

Guruvayur - Athirapally one day tour, Same day tour of Athirapally from Guruvayur, Full day Athirapally Tour from Guruvayur, Visit Athirapally after Guruvayur darshan.  This Day tour starts from Guruvayur after darshan in Guruvayur, move to Athirapally Falls, visit Charpa falls & Vazhachal falls, followed by Thumboormuzhy Dam, Butterfly Garden,, Hanging Bridge, Kauthuka park, etc.


Starts from Guruvayur and ends at Chalakudy

Cost includes :- Ac Transportation  + Dri bata + Toll + Sightseeing

Places covered:- Guruvayur - Athirapally Falls- Charpa Falls- Vazhachal Falls- Thumboormuzhy Dam & River side Garden, Butterfly Park, Hanging Bridge, Kauthuka Park- Chalakudy


Guruvayur Sree Krishna Temple Darshan



Athirapally Water falls

Move to Athirapally water falls, go on the top and bottom of The water falls.

Explore water fall at your leisure. falls in Rain forest (Kerala's highest falls in rain forest).



Charpa falls

Charpa falls lies east of Athirappilly and is between Athirapally falls and Vazhachal falls, it is seasonal, as summer starts to appear, it starts to disappear. it is a monsoon falls. Charpa falls is wonderful with a deafening roar at right on the road. It is a sight to watch and enjoy though it is least known. Be ready to get drenched if you are visiting it in the rainy season



Vazhachal water falls

Vist Vazhachal falls, it is beautiful in the landscape. Vazhachal is just 5 kms only from Athirapally falls. Vazhachal is the area of ecotourism.

Guests can walk around 1 km through the bunks of the River, life guards of Tribal community takes care of the security.

A shop of rare tribal products is working there.



Thumboormuzhy Dam & riverside Garden

Thumboormuzhy Dam, View point,  Riverside garden, Natural bath, butterfly garden

The most beautiful garden with a Cildrens park, Riverside garden with facility of natural river bath. It is an Eco fragile area with a lot of activities. It has basically a check dam,> This part of the river is most suitable for bath. It has a beautiful mountain view of eye-catching.

Kerala's no-1 Butterfly garden is in Thumboormuzhy, it is a photo point for honeymooners, serials, etc - Rest of the day is free.






Thumboormuzhy Butterfly Park

Thumboormuzhy Butterfly Park is growing to be one of the important eco-tourism attractions in Chalakudy- Athirapally Ecotourism. A visit to Athirapally will be completed only with a visit to Thumboormuzhy. It is astonishing that Thumboormuzhy attracts more tourists than Athirapally. Tourists across the globe are visiting Thumboormuzhy. Thumboormuzhy is the natural habitat of various species of butterfly’s. Of course, butterfly sighting is seasonal.



Hanging Bridge

Hanging bridge is one of the main attraction in Thumboormuzhy destination. it is Built across Chalakudy river which hosts Athirapally and Vazhachal falls. if offers a panoramic view of eco fragile Thumboormuzhy ecotourist spot.





A park with a difference created by Mr. Varkey Veliyath. It a unique one in its kind. It is a must see destination, in ones life. How far a man can go with nature, flora, and fauna.

Here we study the peaceful co-existence of humans with the nature in its true ambiguity.  It is a wonderful place to visit, package finishes @ 5 pm, drop @ Chalakudy railway station/ Cochin airport. (Cochin airport/ Thrissur drop with extra payment).